IKO Level one and two 2 day Beginners Kitesurfing Lessons with Steve Jones IKO Level 2 Senior Kiteboarding Instructor with 9 years teaching Experience

This is a great course to set you off on your kitesurfing adventures, realistically you should complete IKO Level 1 on your first day with us and you will be into the water learning your IKO Level 2 skills on our second day. Our aim is to get you into the water ASAP and over the years our teaching skills have increased and this has made teaching all our students easier. We have an amazing route to getting you onto the water.

We like to cover the basics well which in turn will help you understand kite control effectively. All the equipment will be provided for your course except Neoprene Boots and Gloves. The lessons will run for 4hrs per day, and you will br taught by IKO qualified instructors. We have new ION 5.5 semi dry suits if you dont have your own wetsuits. Its important to us that you are comfortable on your course so that you can get maximum enjoyment out of your kitesurfing lessons with us. 

£195pp minimum 8hrs tuition

IKO Level 2 Intermediate Kitesurfing Lessons

This course is aimed at people who have done a beginner kitesurfing course with North Wales Kitesurfing or elsewhere, and are almost on the board and riding but need a little more tuition, or feel they would like to re-cap on the waterwork to boost their confidence. They know all the theory, are competent beach flyers but just need to cover body dragging and getting on the board. We can also cover turning, riding toe side, and your first jumps if you are ready!

£95pp minimum 3hrs tuition group of 2 students

This Kitesurfing course is fantastic value for money, and we will be running them throughout the season. The first one was a great success. We have taught students how to Boardstart in 2 days, imagine how far you will get with 8 days of professional tuition. We have already taken bookings for this course, book your place now! If there are some other dates you would like to do the Fast Track course please get intouch. We are here to suit your kitesurfing needs.

£450pp 8 days tuition, 4hrs per day.

£150 for 3hrs personal kitesurfing tuition

We are a full time school and run lessons everyday.

Most of the beginner courses run on weekends but we are happy to suit your schedule. Please feel free to call and book your lessons. 07799 532725

You will have a lot of fun
learning with North Wales  Kitesurfing School

Our aim is to make you a proficient kitesurfer and it's very important you enjoy the process, if you have any questions about our lessons please feel free to call 07799 532725

Steve Jones
21-24 Garden Lane
Phone: 07799 532725